Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time to write

It seems like I never have time to write, but in reality, I don't have enough quiet to gather two coherant thoughts together. So I avoid it. Right now Caliana is sitting half on the couch, half on the desk, pointing out to me everything on her six flags she's pretending to shoot me, complete with sound effects. However, I've decided enough is enough and time to just face the blank page and blab on it, coherant or not.
The question is after so long....what to write about. My day, my week, the past month or the summer?
I didn't try to do much today. Patrick and I have been trying since December to have another baby. I'm currently pregnant for the third time since then. Maybe....well, yes, but there are complications and things may not end well, for the third time. More concrete answers hopefully coming on Monday. So I'm wishing the weekend away. At the same time, I'm using it, to rest, to do nothing, to give my brain a rest. It's working somewhat.
Caliana had gymnastics this morning and the whole family went, which is unusual. And then in the middle of class, she threw up, which is also unusual. The girl is never sick. She's fine now. I spent most of the day on the couch nursing the cramp in my neck, which is not fine. It hurts like a bitch and I hope it's gone tomorrow. I watched DVR'd shows and the Sound of Music with Emily.
Em made lunch and Patrick BBQ'd dinner, and I did like...nothing.
Such a thrilling entry I know, I think my brain died a little today, but at least you all know that I'm not dead.

Other randoms:

- Emily has nailed her roundoff, back-handspring, back-handspring, back-tuck

- Her first meet of the season is next Sunday!!!!

- School is going well for the kids, Damien has a huge crush on a girl in his class and Emily is trying to start a sixth grade newspaper

- I've had my blood drawn every 2 days for weeks and I look like a pincushion

- I love my husband. He does so much for me and our kids. And I have to go now, because he's harrassing me to go try and shower the cramp out of my neck.