Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baby Joey

I have a new nephew!! My sister gave birth to a precious baby boy.

Obligitory stats:

Joseph David McBroom
born Oct 26th, 5:47 pm
7lbs, 3 oz
20.5 inches

And I could kiss the hospital because they took pictures and put them online! Otherwise who knows how long it would have been before I would have gotten to see him.

With big sissy Salem

With Dad

Oh gosh, those wrinkly little feet are doing cruel things to my uterus.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Not serious enough for a 12 step program

I started drinking coffee when I was 23. I was working full time, going to school 3 hours a night, 4 nights a week, and had 2 kids. The only way I was going to get any homework done was with some kind of stimulant. Coffee seemed safer than Meth.
And every day since, I've had my morning coffee, and becoming ever more frequent is the evening coffee.
I didn't give it up during my pregnancy with Caliana. It's ok though, I asked my dr. Her response?

"one cup a day?, yeah that's fine"

um, did I mention that it's a 20 oz cup?

I'm at the point now, where it doesn't stimulate me anymore, I pretty much need it to function period. And of course to stave off the morning caffeine headache.

I think it may also have something to do with my evening crankiness. At least I hope it does. I hope that's not just me. So I thought, in an effort to just be healthier, that I should try and wean myself off of this dependance. Today I had half decaf and half regular. It is now 1:30 and I am nodding off at my desk. Literally. I'm not even exaggerating. My whole body is kind of numb and my lids are drooping. This is going to be harder than I thought.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

male types beware

I have my annual today. That's what we women call it, the "annual", because it's a tad more classy than "the dr appt where they root around in my hoo-ha", plus we're supposed to go once a year.
Although for me it's been 2 and a half years, so now what should I call it? Annual isn't quite accurate. Dr appointment. Dr appointment works.
You prepare like you would for a date, have to shave, get nice and clean, pretty panties and maybe a spritz of perfume? No that might have unforseen burning consequences later.
And then I berate myself for making my appointment in the afternoon. How am I supposed to stay nice and fresh all damn day? Perhaps I could just not go to the bathroom all day. But no. Damn you coffee and your laxative properties. So then it's the neurotic wipe and check, because nobody wants to gross out the doctor. I prefer to just gross out my blog readers thank you very much.

So then I comfort myself by spending all day looking around at all the other women in the world. THAT woman has to go for her annual sometime, and also THAT woman. What am I so worried about? And what in the world possesses someone to go into that line of work anyways? Yuck.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Vintage me

This was my family when I was 6. Mom, Dad, sister, brother. Reminds me of the song by Pink....

"In our family portrait we look pretty happy, we look pretty normal......"

This was taken just months before our family split up. It couldn't be avoided. I'm glad there is photographic evidence of what was.

I'm filled with mixed emotions looking at it.

Both the siblings pictured here have taken rough paths. Their adult lives have been riddled with drugs and homelessness, crime and arrests. They've been lost, and I can only hope they have photos in the future where they look as happy as they do here.

Then there's me, standing next to my dad. My dad who I've seen one time in the past 18 years. There's a lot that I could say, but not much that I feel I should say. People are complex, ergo lives are complex and relationships even more so.

But I also think....
-my sister's dress looks like it's made from a towel
-look how light my mom's hair is!
-speaking of hair, I'm glad I escaped the feathering
-And me, I love how frilly and feminine my dress is, and I am wearing my hair exactly like that today! I'd show you, but Cali stuffed my camera cord into a bottle of water
-And my mom, I am almost the same age she is here. I know this was a trying time in her life, but her smile is so bright. Beautiful.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Got the mushroom, fireballs, and found the warp zone

And today I'm better. It's one of those days where yes, I have a lot to do, but I'm handling it. Handling it well. Like when you're playing a really hard level on a video game and you're just flying through it, jumping at exactly the right time, not missing a single coin, rebounding off walls to nail the bad guys, and you feel like "freak yeah, I totally rock at this!"
That's me today. So I couldn't leave that mopey post at the top of my blog. I feel confident and capable, and also a little hungry, but I'll take care of that one soon enough.

Oh and look, I made it a point to get some pictures of the boy.

Such a goofball

And ok, the girls too.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Go time

I'm sad. I'm also moody and stressed and my husband is mad at me. Probably because I'm moody and stressed and then I'm not so nice. Sad.

I think I need a vacation. I took a lot of them last year, Salt Lake City, Vegas, a camping/amusement park vaca with the family, and up to Oregon. This year though, I haven't gone anywhere since Disneyland, and that was like 7 months ago. 7 months is a long time of all obligation, zero vacation, dontcha think?

I'm going to try and think of something. Somewhere.
But in the meantime, it is breaktime, so I'm going to take a mini-vaca over to Target for chapstick and granola bars. And maybe something for my husband so he won't hate me forever.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Wow, what a slacker

I just realized I've only posted once in the last week. So sorry, it's just, I'm busy, you know? Except this is supposed to be my outlet from my busy-ness, but whatever, no time for outlets.

So here's a new post for you. I can't guarantee that it'll be coherant or interesting or anything, but there will be pictures, so it's a wash.

Emily had another competition last Saturday. Emily's friend and my ex went with me. This is what I looked like after 3 or so hours.

I don't even care anymore.

Emily's team took 2nd though, so yay!

She has another competition tomorrow. Patrick is doing some side work, so I get to bring both Damien and Cali with me! I wish I had a picture of me showing how excited I am.

Here's one of Emily instead


A. got suspended from the bus for 3 days, for his 3rd bus rule violation. Sigh.
B. He's tutoring a boy in the first grade
C. "His mathematical skills are so outstanding it won't hurt him to miss a little math time"
D. Is liking cub scouts
E. Is probably going to drive me crazy at Emily's competition tomorrow

I don't really have any pictures of him from the past few weeks, because, I don't know, because he's always busy.

I have this.... not so great one.

Or this one from like a month ago *shrugs*

Then there's Caliana, who's really anal about not leaving things at preschool. Caliana, who wakes her dad up in the middle of the night by kicking him in the face and then says "it's ok, it's me Caliana"
Caliana who is enjoying gymnastics

Practicing for future wins

A quick video

And Caliana who had to go back to the dr's for more shots. She talked about it all day. She kept saying "I got hurt. It sucks."

I have a lot of pictures of her.

And this post was all about them, and no real update on me, but here's another picture of me to help redeem from that first one.....because.....*shudder*