Monday, February 22, 2010

Reflection on a life created

Stats: Born 2/22/2002, 6:12 PM, weighing in at a whopping 11lbs, 1oz, 22 1/4" long. There were a few heart wrenching minutes, in which his head was born, but the rest was firmly stuck inside.....much like the story of winnie the pooh, but the pushing and pulling was being done by 5 doctors and nurses instead of Christopher Robin and his lovable pals.
Eventually though, he arrived, with a broken collarbone and a smooshed up face, looking more like a 3 month old than a newborn, but no worse for wear. He was alert and happy, ready to eat and take on the world. And that's the same Damien that's been with us ever since.
His dark hair was quickly replaced by blond, his collarbone healed, his smooshed and swollen face subsided and the sweet face that emerged would serve him well in the days of mischief to follow.

weeks old

5 months

8 months









To be continued.....

Happy Birthday little big man. I love you.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Five years

It was sunny, not too cold. We went alone. A twenty minute drive out in the country. We were quiet, contemplative. We held hands and just drove. It was a nice house on a hill, not too large, but with a giant fireplace and floor to ceiling windows. She was nice. Offered to take our picture. She used his middle name, and spelled my name wrong, but it was ok. It was still us. Holding hands, speaking those timeless words of devotion. We didn't need witnesses. We didn't need flowers. We didn't need a tux or a dress. We just needed each other. And five years later, that's all we still need. Happy Anniversary love.

Monday, February 15, 2010

guilty pleasure is my middle name

My weekend included


-a trampoline




-2 baby bunnies

-licorice and caramel filled chocolates

-a ride on a harley

-mexican food

-great the bedroom...not sleeping....if you know what I....nevermind

Not necessarily in that order

Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Aliiiiiiiiiiiive

Remember my orchid? You don't? Well, then see here:

This was a year ago. A year now that I've had this plant. ABout 6 months ago, all of it's pretty blossoms dropped off one by one and I cried. But then someone told me that they're supposed to do that. But I figured that was the end. It would no longer grace my office with it's beauty. It would forever be a green plant with two long stems sticking out of it.

But! That's not what happened. Last month it greeted me with a couple of little buds and I high fived it and did the Macarena.

Then this morning, a blossom! Isn't it pretty?

Aren't you proud? I kept a plant alive for an entire year, and it is pretty again! Maybe now I'm ready for a pet. And then someday.....children.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

So literal

Caliana: Mom, let's talk about treats.

Me: Ok

Caliana: I like chocolate with BROWNIES!!

Me: I like chocolate with everything

Caliana: You like chocolate with eggs?

Me: good point

Caliana: You like chocolate with licorice?

Me: never thought about it, but yeah, that's probably better

Monday, February 8, 2010

we won't be drowning after all

Yesterday was a beautiful day. It has been raining here for like weeks now, and I know compared to all the some of the country has been getting, some rain is no biggie, but weeks of rain with no sunny days in between is kind of a rarity around here. So yesterday..... let me demonstrate the difference for you with pictures of our backyard.

Before.....yucky and sopping

and then yesterday....pretty

And now I'm realizing these are the first pics I'm sharing of our new place. So allow me to share a few more....

Kitchen....small kitchen....

...but it has a skylight...

Dining room

Family room

view from family room to dining room and living room beyond

And that's all you get, because the bedrooms were not picture worthy, but maybe someday......

But back to yesterday. I had planned to dust and clean bathrooms and such, but when the weather turned gorgeous, I had to get outside instead. So I took the kids to the park, washed my car, played catch with them in the backyard....which was all lovely, except for when I beamed Damien in the forehead with a baseball.

More pictures!

This would be me................helping Caliana...............take a picture..............of me


Action shots! ...excuse me, but LOOK at that sky!

"Dude...why do I always have to ride on the back of the dragon?"

See ya later