Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm here and it's a good day

It seems all I have to write about anymore is a list of reasons why I have no time to write, and today is not really an exception. I still don't have much time. Time to tell you about Cali's tragic dentist trip or my car battery blowing up. But if you remind me, I may tell you about it sometime.

But I will give you a little list of reasons why today is a good day:

1. My car is finally fixed, which means that when it rains, I will no longer leave a trail of rainbow puddles from my oil leak, I will not have to fill it with water every other day, and because my stepdad is awesome, I paid $0 for labor (even though my battery blew up and almost killed him (ok, exaggerating)) Sorry though, still.

2. I am not tired, because I broke with my new mostly decaf coffee habit, and had a full on regular this morning

3. I was not late for work

4. I organized and did laundry and cleaned my bathroom yesterday, so life is ummmm....cleaner and more organized, and I like that.

5. It's payday

6. I actually remembered to return the movie I rented yesterday from Redbox, which means that said rental actually cost me $1.09, instead of $13.08, like usual, because I forget to return it for a week and a half and those bastards have my credit card.

There might be more, but it's only 10:12 AM.

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