Tuesday, January 19, 2010


scene: our house, friends over, Cali is playing with friend Matt (whom she calls Map)

She gets right up in his face, grabs his cheeks and says "mama"

Map: Hahaha, no, mommy's over there

Cali: *insisting* MAMA!

Map: *laughing* hahaha, she's over there silly

Cali: MAMA!

Map: *laughing, laughing, laughing*

Cali: DADDY!

Map: *not laughing* uh no, let's go find your dad


scene: at the park, chatting with a lady and her dog

Cali: *petting* your dog is soft

lady: thank you, yes he is

Cali: *looking at his stumpy tail* A cat just bite off his tail

lady: um, ok

Cali: Your dog is UGLY!

mommy: *laughing my ass off* (what? sometimes it needs to be spelled out)

lady: aww, I think he's cute

Cali: It's ok, my hair was ugly yesterday

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