Friday, October 2, 2009

Wow, what a slacker

I just realized I've only posted once in the last week. So sorry, it's just, I'm busy, you know? Except this is supposed to be my outlet from my busy-ness, but whatever, no time for outlets.

So here's a new post for you. I can't guarantee that it'll be coherant or interesting or anything, but there will be pictures, so it's a wash.

Emily had another competition last Saturday. Emily's friend and my ex went with me. This is what I looked like after 3 or so hours.

I don't even care anymore.

Emily's team took 2nd though, so yay!

She has another competition tomorrow. Patrick is doing some side work, so I get to bring both Damien and Cali with me! I wish I had a picture of me showing how excited I am.

Here's one of Emily instead


A. got suspended from the bus for 3 days, for his 3rd bus rule violation. Sigh.
B. He's tutoring a boy in the first grade
C. "His mathematical skills are so outstanding it won't hurt him to miss a little math time"
D. Is liking cub scouts
E. Is probably going to drive me crazy at Emily's competition tomorrow

I don't really have any pictures of him from the past few weeks, because, I don't know, because he's always busy.

I have this.... not so great one.

Or this one from like a month ago *shrugs*

Then there's Caliana, who's really anal about not leaving things at preschool. Caliana, who wakes her dad up in the middle of the night by kicking him in the face and then says "it's ok, it's me Caliana"
Caliana who is enjoying gymnastics

Practicing for future wins

A quick video

And Caliana who had to go back to the dr's for more shots. She talked about it all day. She kept saying "I got hurt. It sucks."

I have a lot of pictures of her.

And this post was all about them, and no real update on me, but here's another picture of me to help redeem from that first one.....because.....*shudder*

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Anonymous said...

Hey U;
I'm not the smartest guy in town But, I'd say your entitled,
and all the photo's r great...