Tuesday, September 29, 2009

At least they have caramel

Want to buy some popcorn? That's what boy scouts sell you know? You didn't know that? Me neither. It's not as widely discussed as the girl scout cookies. I guess the reason would be popcorn...cookies. There's really no comparison.

But popcorn is what we get, because my son is now a cub scout. A wolf scout to be exact. And my husband is now a scout leader. And I'm like "Yay an activity for the boys!" except I forgot I'm still the money manager and so I have to get Damien his handbook and his uniform and etc....

Problem is I'm a bit of a procrastinator. I waited until today, the day of his pack meeting, which in case you didn't know is kind of a big deal. Totally different thing than the "den" meeting.

So I think "no problem" I'll just go at lunch, so I did. Except they're out of his size shirt, or at least the size that will fit for awhile, and they were out of the number 7 patches....er badges.....no I think patches is correct. And he totally needs the number 7. And they were out of his size belt, but the lady informed me that he doesn't need that until he starts earning belt....badges? Something. I just took her word for it. So now I have most of his uniform, but no time to sew on his..........patches? between work, the girls' gymnastics and his meeting.

What's the boy scout motto? Always be prepared? Screwing that up already. Sorry son. But wait....he's not a "boy scout" yet, he's only a "cub scout" and I think their motto is "Always do your best" so I might slide by on a technicality there.

**To top it off, I had chinese food for lunch and my fortune said "You are the key to your own success" Yes, thank you, rub it in.

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