Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School stuff


Forgot her clarinet for the second Tuesday in a row.

I said to her "So, are they going to kick you out of advanced band now?"

Her reply: "WHAT? No way, if I thought they were, I wouldn't go to school today. They can't kick me out if I'm not there."


I got an email from his teacher again today. There was an altercation last Friday where Damien may or may not have called another kid a loser, other kid hit him, they fought. Today they both had to miss a recess for it. Something is bugging my boy and I'm going to get to the bottom of it. I will scrape out some of my miniscule spare time for him, with no sisters involved. Just some time to talk and help him get a grip on his emotions. I have to.


We went for a preschool visit this morning. It was the same preschool that Emily and Damien went to, so I was very familiar with it, and they with me. I chatted with the director while Caliana scoped out the place. The director was both Emily and Damien's pre-k teacher and asked about them.
I totally had diarrhea of the mouth. I was a braggert, I could hear it coming out, but not until it was too late, a product I'm sure of my past insecurities as a mother. These people knew me when life was a lot harder, when I made more mistakes, when the state paid for my childcare, when I was unmarried, when my 4 year old would not stop having accidents at school, when I didn't know that I didn't need to have all the answers. So now, today, I was so..... icky.
During our half an hour there, I told her.....

-Emily gets straight A's, is in advanced band and competing in gymnastics
-Damien is doing so well in school (didn't mention his behavior) and is such a good brother to Cali
-Caliana knows all her ABC's and colors, is potty trained and is more than ready for school
-I only have one more car payment till my car is paid off, and we'll probably, you know, buy another one in a few months
-I got a promotion since last time I was there, which is why I, ahem, am paying for childcare on my own now
-We have a 3 bedroom now

As we walked out of there, I wanted to smack myself. Why did I just say all of that? What is the matter with me? I am not usually such an approval seeker. Bleh, I need a shower now.
The good news is, Caliana really liked it, and will be attending 2 days a week starting next Tuesday.

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