Thursday, September 3, 2009

Damn, suspended

Damien got sent home from school today. Patrick said the office was a little vague on the details. Something about an incident in line.
So I emailed his teacher. The response I got indicated he was supended for continuous disruption.


A- rough housed with a boy in line - got a warning
B- continued rough housing at PE - was removed from PE
C- during the pledge he faced the class, gave the peace sign and nodded his head

So then he was taken to the office, where they decided on suspension.

She also mentioned he

-had an incident on the bus Monday (paperwork just says student must sit with feet and body facing forward)

-was playing roughly this week while they had a substitute

-has been disrupting the bus line

This totally sucks. I'm not sure how to get him to follow rules when I'm not around. We talk about it and talk about it and talk about it, he's punished at home....but somehow that doesn't translate to behave at school.

Part of me, the mom part, wants to be like...he's 7, he's a good kid, a smart kid, he just wants attention, he just wants to know that he's liked, he's just insecure.

But the other part of me, the responsible parent part, knows this needs to be nipped in the bud before he's a delinquent teen getting in fights and flipping off his teachers.

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Anonymous said...

Following the rules:
Will be his decision.
Instilling good values:
Will be yours.
There is no bad child,
just bad behavor.and
its important for him to know
that not only is it not condoned,
but will also not be tolerated.
Show him that, Good behavor will be rewarded,, but that Bad behavor
will cause him grief.
In what form;
Is solely up to u.
But usually the loss of certain privileges,or a favorite thing for awhile, gets the meaning across.
I am sure, Damien is a good boy,
and with a little time and alot of patience,and understanding,
He'll get threw this,,
(Every little thing,
gonna be alright.)