Monday, September 21, 2009

First competition

Yesterday was Emily's first gymnastics competition. We went to the park Saturday night to practice. There are a couple of bar tricks that she doesn't have yet, but she's close. She wasn't any closer by the end of our practice. So much for my career as a gymnastics coach.
After bar practice we did some backhandspring practice. I spotted her. She kicked me in the head. "Mom, you're supposed to keep your head back"
"Yeah, thanks for that"

So she was a little nervous about bars, and her beam handstand. But you know what, she did everything she could do on bars and she didn't fall off the beam, and she came in 13th....which wasn't last. Go Em!

I'm going to throw up the video of her floor routine, because that's her favorite. I'm not going to talk about her wobbling or not pointing toes or all the things she wants me to point out for her improvement.

What I want to point out is her confidence and how she didn't fall on her head during her handspring, and her smile when she walks off. She had so much fun.

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Anonymous said...

Thats soooo cool...
and she did GREAT!!!
The little lady has alot
to be proud about....