Friday, September 25, 2009

This thing we made

These are my loves. Aren't I blessed? There's no school today, so they're all at home. Without me. I have to work. No fair. You guys suck. But if you do all the laundry, I'll forgive you.
Plus I can't be too mad, because it's Friday. And you know what that means. Pizza and movie night. Pizza and movie night speaks to my very soul. There's nothing like kicking back on the couch with a giant piece of greasy, cheesy pizza, knowing that the work week is over, watching some family friendly flick....preferably a throwback from when you were young and now get to force your kids to watch it and invariably they like it. Because mostly, they like what you like.

And they smile at you, and snuggle up on your lap and try to wipe their pizza fingers in your hair, and all is content.

Face it singles, it's the Friday night of your future. Might not sound as exciting as clubbing and drinking and one night stands, but it's where we end up for a reason. And don't get me wrong, I like to go out. I like to drink and dance. But this thing, this having a family thing. Having them all together in one room, smiling, cuddling, safe and happy....and the pizza, well that's bliss.


Anonymous said...

Life is good....

just a thought....


The happiness of your life depends
upon the quality of your thoughts.

Therefore quard accordingly:
and take care that you entertain
no actions unsuitable to virtue and
reasonable nature.

Give to every other being every right that you claim for yourself..

Ben Simon said...

I love your blog. Much of makes me miss my old life. Well the kids anyway...

Thanks for your posts.

P.S. Awesome laundry stratigy!

Brandi M Walsh said...

Thanks guys! :-)