Thursday, September 24, 2009

Learning to lead

In case you never could have guessed it, life with 3 children is chaotic. Especially.....yes I'll admit it, especially when the 2 parents running that household are both in their 20's, still a little teenager-ey lazy, not quite organized or disciplined or OCD enough to run a well oiled machine.

But we're learning everyday. We're growing. We're figuring it out. Yesterday was a breakthrough of sorts. The credit goes to the husband on this one. It was his idea for a family meeting. A weekly family meeting. We had it last night at Applebees with dessert. Except me, I had a perfect mixture of coffee and alcohol, because that is dessert my friends.

We didn't have a set agenda for our first meeting, but we found it quickly. Laundry. Ohhhhh the laundry. It's relentless. Up until a couple of years ago, we didn't have our own washer and dryer. I would do laundry twice a month. 12 or 13 loads each time. It would take all day. Alllllllll day. And about thirty dollars in quarters. But it was a system.
Now, we have our own washer and dryer and it's a mixed blessing. We can do laundry whenever we want, but we don't usually want. And if we get lazy and leave the clothes in the dryer, no other tenant is going to take it out and throw it on the table in the laundry room. No one's going to come knocking on our door to demand that we please free up the washers.
The result is that we have piles of laundry. Everywhere. The laundry room has a good stack, so does my room. And there is a pile accumulating on the landing of the stairs. Along with a couple baskets of clean, yet to be put away clothes.

But, thanks to our meeting, we have a plan! We are so productive! Meetings, hooray!

Are you ready for the solution? It's genius I tell you!

Everyone...will do.....their.......own......laundry!!!! Isn't that amazing? We'll each have our own baskets in our own rooms.......ohmygod this so exciting.........and their own laundry day. Andonthatday, they take their own basket, and washdryfoldputaway. Tada!!! Except Cali of course. We're switching off helping her with hers on her day. But still, yes! And no one has to figure out who's socks are whose. And no one has to fold anyone else's underwear. And no one has to figure out if those are Cali's pants or Emily's stretch pants. And I won't have to search 12 places for one shirt ever again. I'm so proud of us. We are the smartest people I know!

Now, we just have to take care of the laundry mess we already have so we can implement our new genius system.....

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Anonymous said...

Sounds to me:
Like the both of u, r doing a great job.
Care-ing for,and raise-ing a family
is a great responsibility,
Although well worth the effort, Not always an easy task.
And yet:
I'd be willing to bet,
that the both of U have made alot of people very proud.
Keep up the good work!