Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A picture post


At school

At six flags. Cali wore Damien's old Alvin costume. She was a big hit!

Post trick or treating:

The queen with her spoils

It's been gymnastics competetive season, so that means it's been all gymnastics all the time....practices 5 days a week, privates, et al.
It all culminated this past weekend in zones (which is like regionals for gymnasts). Emily was 3 tenths of a point from making states, so the season ended on a bittersweet note. Now it's time to start training for next season! Lol.


Damien with our cat Ashes

Emily with her boyfriend Jordan

My new sewing spot! No more moving it on and off the kitchen table!!

Caliana and cousin Jasmin practicing their gymnastics

and a quick pic of me so I don't feel left out :)

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Anonymous said...

I agree with Patrick on this one and emily is to young to have a gay boyfriend kick him to the curb tell him to kickrocks bud