Monday, March 15, 2010

photo gallery

We call this one: "a gymnast's hand" courtesy of Emily

This one is entitled "rough night"

This one is known as "mommy bought me my own sunglasses five minutes later, so she could get hers back"

"Hair that makes it through a gymnastics meet, a good night's sleep and roller coasters has a lot of bobby pins"

"Did you see what that just did? People are screaming...I hope you don't expect me to ride that"

"Did you take this picture to show me my tag was out? p.s. your hand is in the shot"

"mom freaked out and grabbed this straw when I wouldn't stop blowing through it"

"Girl meets penguin"

"A dolphin, a whale, a cat and a martian" also known as "dolphins aren't supposed to be furry"

"these trains make me feel gigantic"

"I'd rather ride with a stuffed monkey than my sister"

"This whale makes me feel....not so gigantic"

"Theme parks + car rides = silence"


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