Wednesday, August 27, 2008

An Intro

Brandi with an i, that's me. Whenever I'm asked my name...if someone is waiting with pen in hand, or poised over a keyboard, that's my answer. "Brandi (slight pause while you're writing/typing the first few letters) with an "I". Inevitably, it will be spelt with a "y" by 80% of everyone, but I try.

Since this is an intro, I'll give some basics. I'm 27, red hair, green eyes. Sound irish? I am. At least partly.Thankfully I was blessed with skin that actually holds some color, not the transluscent kind that usually accompanies the carrot top. Living in California I'm required to sport some kind of tan.

I'm married to Patrick, also 27, also irish (at least partly), minus the red hair. His is a beautiful almost black color. Don't tell him I said anything on him is beautiful. That's against his nature.

Now that you can kind of picture us, a happily married, young couple, now imagine 3 smaller people swarming around, that completes the family (except the goldfish, we don't count him).

Emily is 9, and like Mary Poppins is "Practically Perfect in Every Way". I can say that because she's mine, but whenever anyone else says so, I roll my eyes so far back I can see the rest of my thoughts rolling their eyes.

Damien is 6, and almost as tall as Emily. Many a person has asked if they're twins. Both have blond hair, green eyes and beautiful california tans, although Emily was blessed with my incredible forehead......we can talk about that later.

The youngest, Caliana, joined our family just 2 years ago, but she has swiftly made up for lost time, ruthlessly climbing the social ladder to head of the family. We've contested it, but she's a tough boss. Despite her domineering personality, she's a charming little monkey.
Well, that's me, or us....for anyone who has kids and a husband, you know that "me" is the same as "us"

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