Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thankful for Bing Crosby

I'm listening to Christmas music. It's playing nonstop on a local radio station, and I pulled out my way expensive nutcracker cd's. I think I'm torturing everyone at my work with Feliz Navidad blasting out of my office, but I can't help it. I have to find some cheer where I can get it. Work stress has been trying to creep in and I'm battling it back with Deck the Halls and The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. It's working too.

We had a nice, but uneventful Thanksgiving. My mom went to her house in Oregon and my littlest brother spent the holiday with his dad, so we spent the holiday at home. We had 2 guests. My brother and my ex.

I made my first turkey. It was good.

But see those whiskey glazed carrots. Those were VERY good.

In fact the entire spread was small, but delicious. I don't know how to make gravy and I don't care for stuffing, so we didn't have those, but still....yummy.

And we had plenty of pie. And cookies. And cupcakes.....

Oooh, cupcakes

Hmmmm, there's already one missing, they probably won't notice just one more.

What? It wasn't me.

Happy Thanksgiving.

He's thankful for this stitch stuffed animal, and She's thankful we could find a place to squeeze her in on the corner of this crowded table.

He's NOT thankful for having to empty the dishwasher

She's thankful for naps

And I'm thankful for this picture. I think he was going in for a kiss, but the look on her face says "tell me a secret"
Her shirt says it all.


Anonymous said...

your so beautiful my love and Im thankful for you

Anonymous said...

I also am thankful,
and for so many special things...

sudoku online said...

Your Turkey sounds delicious. I know what I'm going to eat for Christmas :)