Tuesday, December 8, 2009

tis the season

It is so very very cold today. Like butt cringing cold. Like my fingers are little typing popsicles because I can't type with gloves on....and who am I kidding, I can only find one glove anyways. Because I'm organized like that.

We got our Christmas tree on Sunday. We always go to a tree farm and cut it down ourselves. And by ourselves, I mean the kids run around, and I stand there holding my purse and asking my husband if he needs any help while he cuts it down.

After getting a little help from Cali, and some grumbling about next time he's bringing a chainsaw, he decided halfway through that he was just going to snap it off the rest of the way. That worked about as well as you might think, which means the trunk split in half a good 4-5 inches and he had to saw it the rest of the way anyways.

I was pretty perturbed for a minute because that meant we would have to chop the bottom off of our pretty little tree, but upon further contemplation I realized that we pay by the foot and so a little bit shorter means a little bit cheaper.

When Damien was 2, almost 3, he completely destroyed our Christmas tree. I came down from taking a shower and found my living room littered with glass. He had removed every ornament and thrown them against the wall. He looked at me and my "wtf happened in here" face and said "mom, I play ball!"

Caliana is now 3. She was very excited about helping decorate the tree this year. Other than the lights and the star, the kids did it all themselves.

I was very excited that she was not as destructive minded as her brother.

Although this morning when I got up, I found a nice row of ornaments on the ground. Along with a nice pile of the tops of the ornaments, all ripped off. I guess she's just more methodical with her destruction.


Ben said...

that's how you chop tree's Ar style. Cut about 1/2, complain about chain saw-or lack, and keep kickin til it falls..

Anonymous said...

yeah mostly because I had no shotgun or it would have come down lots faster