Friday, April 16, 2010

you know you're grown up when you circle 4-15 instead of 4-20

In case you missed it, yesterday was tax day. No, don't bother rushing to the post office now, you're too late. Penalties and interest abound.
Unless you're like me and couldn't give a second thought to tax day....the first thought being "poor people, have to rush around and make sure they pay their taxes on time, tsk tsk, *giggle*"
Because see, I've been a parent as long as I've been an adult, and being poor and having dependents pretty much works out to the government feels sorry for you and gives you all of your money back and then a little extra, because "woah, how do you survive on that income"
Until now. For a few reasons. I'm not quite as poor as I used to be. In fact, I make 3 times what I made 10 years ago, teen mom, no degree, not bragging, just saying.....

Also, the state of California is so broke they're throwing all their stuff in storage and bunking with their mother in law.
So instead of giving me all my money back like usual, I actually had to pay a tad bit more in state taxes.
I know, right? The nerve.

I don't really mind, unless I think too hard about it. Like the fact that Emily and Damien's dad doesn't pay child support. He doesn't work. He collects food stamps from the state, so in a way, I could be paying to help support him.
That gets me a little worked up, so I prefer to think my taxes pay for things like my children's education.

Point: I joined the masses yesterday, all the poor souls that I snickered at in years past and mailed my payment...on time and everything. Awww, babygirl is all growed up...being a productive member of society and everything


Sheree said...

I was right with you sister yesterday, sending my payment off. Wow we have come so far!!

Anonymous said...

i have a productive member that is waiting for it taxes a
your late pay up punky rooster

Annah said...

I'm a tax accountant in Canada - so our pain isn't over until April 30. I too have been down some of the broken road you describe and now pay extra tax ... no point in thinking about the things we disagree our tax dollars being spent on ... you're right to focus on knowing it pays for our kids' education. Go girl.