Wednesday, May 5, 2010

evolution of a water hater

You may not see anything unusual about this picture, but trust me, it's spectacular.

Let me tell you why. My little monkey here, she's a water hater. Bigtime. Wait... that's not quite fair or accurate. She's really a COLD water hater. She's a cold hater period.
She takes after her dad in that respect. He hates to be cold too.

We're in May now....beautiful weather. 70's and 80's, sunny and warm. Everyone is breaking out their tank tops and shorts, flowy sundresses abound.

But not for these two

The man in my life is still wearing two pairs of pants, 3 shirts and sweater, and he's dressing his baby in long sleeves and pants. It may have something to do with their complete lack of body fat....

But some of it may be my fault, I suppose. Caliana was born in the middle of July, during a very hot summer. Being home on maternity leave was no picnic in the heat, with a sweltering 4 and 7 year old. Our saving grace was the pool. We spent many a day waterside, swimming (Emily and Damien), sipping ice cold coke (me) and sleeping (the baby).
But she seemed so hot and miserable, that often I would dunk her little baby washcloths in the chilly water and flop them unceremoniously on her newborn baby noggin. And there wasn't a thing she could do about it.

And for the next two summers, that girl would scream bloody murder if you tried to get her near a pool. And during the summer she turned two, when we took a vacation to a water park, miss monkey spent the entire time dry as a bone, which was just fine with her daddy, because a water park to him, is about the equivalent of spending the day getting his toenails ripped off.

So I tell you again.


When I brought out the slip n slide the other day, I assumed it would be used enthusiastically by the older kids and studiously avoided by the little.

I was wrong.

This one took one turn, dried off and went back to her beloved trampoline

This one also took one awkward turn, declared it too cold and ran off.

And the little...... she experimented, she splashed, and she enjoyed

Maybe it's time to revisit the waterpark

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Anonymous said...

i think ill take my chances with the toenail deal have fun with your revisit love you life