Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bring on Christmas

Since Halloween was on a Saturday this year, it actually lasted two days for us.

Friday was Halloween day 1.

The plan was to drop Emily at school a little early, then me, Patrick, and Cali would take Damien to his school and stay for his Halloween parade. Then I would take Patrick and Cali to Cali's preschool for her party and I would go to work. Everyone would have fun, everything would go great.

The actuality was like this:

We all got up and got ready, and by all I mean everyone except Caliana, because she doesn't do that. Emily's costume required that I straighten her hair, and do her makeup.
After I did that, I got myself ready in my plain old boring mom clothes and then woke up the Cali monster. She protested loudly that she wanted to stay home, not go to school.
"But you're not going to schooool, you're going to a party AT your school, with daddy!"

She didn't care, she wasn't happy about it.

Instead of early, we left late, dropped Damien and Patrick at Damien's school, then took Em to her school. Then back to Damien's school to "Watch the parade" which really means we stood around staring at a couple hundred kids just standing around. Since Damien's costume wasn't original in the least we couldn't even figure out which one he was most of the time.

After that we headed to Caliana's school where she refused to get out of the car and refused to get her costume on, and then complained all the way inside. Everyone was very happy to see her and some little girls were calling her over to sit by them, but she wasn't budging. She didn't want to party and that was that. We went home, and I went to work.

Kids don't always agree with our plans.

That night I picked Emily up from her friend's Halloween party. She regaled me with tales all the way home of how she won the costume contest and her and her friend won the dance contest. I looked at her in her costume with her dyed hair and eyeliner and had a mini panic attack. I had the sudden urge to rush home and dress her in a ruffled onesie and a bonnet.

Instead she let me take some pictures.

She was feeling pretty full of herself and I had to yell at her to smile already and stop being so old and teenager-ey

Her dad came over for awhile and she tortured him too.
In this picture she's looking at herself in the mirror.

*sigh* It's just going to get worse, isn't it? Wait, don't tell me, I don't really want to know.

Saturday was Halloween day 2, also known as, Halloween.
We started the day with a gymnastics meet. Patrick and I took Emily while the other two stayed home with Dan. It was the last meet of the season and I can safely say it wasn't her best. She did ok, but didn't top any of her scores. She was still tired from staying up late and had pulled a muscle doing the splits again and again at the dance contest.

That evening we got everyone dressed up and went to a Halloween party, carnival-ish thing.
They had jumpies, games, and a cake walk, which Cali thought was the funnest game ever. Although occasionally, the numbers on the ground would slide out of place and she would have to stop and fix them, and the entire procession would be stalled behind her. It was great fun.

After that we went trick or treating.


*Cali kept asking everyone if she could come inside their house

*There was a cat that was following Cali for a little while. She yelled at it to "stop following me cat!" and Damien yelled "she's not a real mouse!"

*When we got home and the kids were counting their loot, Damien found an entire Reeses peanut butter cup candy bar in his bag, got really excited and then said "here mom, you can have it"

And now, pictures

Jerry the mouse

Watch out for Tom!!


This is Damien. Really it is, I swear. I wouldn't lie.

This stupid store bought costume sprung a leak by the end of the night.

Emily with makeup, again.

The three punkers.

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