Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Quiz time!

Let's take a quiz, shall we? It's Tuesday morning, why the hell not? You don't want to? Come on, I'll even make it multiple choice. Hmmm? You still don't want to take it? What if I only make it one question? What's that? I've already asked you questions. Well, why don't you get all technical. That's it, no more semantics, just let me do my damn quiz already.

Here's your question:

Which of the following happened today to make my morning less than glittery sunny rosy peachy mother fucking rainbow fluffy?

A. I got in a fight with my husband
B. My daughter took a BITE out of her preschool payment, which was not a check, it was a money order, like cash, but now a worthless piece of paper
C. my car overheated, so I had to stop and let it cool down before adding water, that it's just going to leak back out all over the damn place
D. I was late for work, causing everyone to look at me like I slaughtered their fucking cat.

What's that? All of the above? You think my morning was that rough, huh? Relationship problems, money problems, car problems AND work problems?

Well, you would be fucking correct.


Anonymous said...

Im sorry to hear that so much fell onto ur lap all at once.
It does keep things interesting..
and the bright side is ,,
(things should get better..)

Please let me know if I can help in anyway.... MG.

Anonymous said...

well Ive got to say Love you are beautiful And Mr. MG I sure would like to meet you some day soon Patrick Levi

Anonymous said...

I look forward to meeting u also.


Ben Simon said...

In the end, life just keeps going... Were you able to salvage the mo? I'm not sure what the rules are on re-printing, or oops I lost it, but i'd be worth checking out.