Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mother +$*!-er! stole my sleep

I know lately I've been all happy-go-disney, but I just need to bitch for minute. I freakin HATE daylight savings!!!!
I don't mind it so much in the fall, when we go back an hour and time seems spread out and surreal, and oh so lazy hazy, and hey we're all awake, but can just lay around for a little bit, cause it's not even time to get up. Yeah, that I like.

But this shit where they steal a complete hour from my life. Hate it, hate it, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate it. I have a hard enough time getting up in the morning. I am a sleeper. A deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep sleeper. I think we've covered this before. Point being, if the sun's not up, I'm not up. I don't care what kind of alarm clock is going off right next to my cotton pickin ear, I'm not hearin' it!

Not to mention that kids, especially the 2 year old kind, they just completely don't get it, and they just don't adjust that quickly.


I woke up 10 minutes before we had to leave, both yesterday AND today. That means my kids are getting shoved out of bed, pushed out the door in their pajamas, hungry and cranky, and butt dragging tired. And I'm right behind them, hair thrown in a messy bun, still trying to strap my shoe, wrestling a monkey in purple fleece jammies, and crying for a cup of coffee.

I'm sure we'll continue like this for at least another week, and then we'll be dragging our sleepy asses all over Disneyland. Suck on that Daylight Savings! (And you thought I was going to go the whole post without talking about Disneyland, haha, so naive.)

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