Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Too tuckered to type

I am tired. I am stressed. My brain is somewhere between numb and fuzzy.

I can't seem to string together a coherant sentence (not claiming that this is news). I can't seem to get enough of anything lately.

Enough time, enough money, enough sleep, enough coffee...........

Enough bitching? Ok.


Caliana had her doctor appointment last Friday. 26lbs, 36 inches. Just to get that out of the way.

She really enjoys doctor and dentists offices. She likes being given instructions and asked questions.

When the dr came in, she started right up with the questions

dr: who lives at home?

me: well, there's daddy, and Emily....she's 10.

dr: *glances up quickly* TEN??

me: yes.....and there's Damien, he's 7.

dr: SEVEN??

me: yeah....uh...

dr: what's daddy's name?

me: Patrick

dr: and how old is he?...

me: 28

dr: *another quick glance at me" how old are YOU??

me: 28

dr: *shakes head and goes back to writing*

I don't really blame her. The average age of a woman starting a family in this area is about 40.

Next she asked:

"where does Cali go when you're working?"

"she's at home"

"does your husband work from home?"


"*sigh* well, where does she go when you're BOTH at work?"

"my husband is a stay at home dad"


Then she had a whole slew of questions:

"Where do you work?"
"Is he looking for work?"
"Is he going to be looking for work after the kids go back to school?"
"Isn't that hard on you, being the sole provider?"

I started to feel kinda bad for all the stay at home dads out there. It's a big job he does, taking care of our children and the home every day. I don't think she would have been asking me these questions if I was the working dad and he was the stay at home mom.

All in all though, Caliana is perfectly healthy. Advanced verbally and cognitively and even in the "way she moves". Not that I didn't know that already.

We did discuss the immunizations. The decision was made to do the ones that are potentially fatal, and to space them out.

So she had a couple. She didn't like it, but that girl is tougher than she looks.

When it was all over I hugged her and asked

"are you ready to go home?"

"No, I want to stay at the doctor"

Go figure.

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Anonymous said...

All i can say is:
God love her.....

And u hang in there little one..
(cause every little thing, gonna be alright.)