Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Whose homework?

I really suck at keeping up with all of the kids' school work. We're in the second week of school now and I've already messed up.

Damien has to read to me every night for 20 minutes, AND I have to initial his reading log. We did the reading, forgot the initials, so he almost had to miss recess today because of it.
Emily has to read too, not to me though, but she always wants to know how long she read and I guess I'm the one with the stopwatch. Plus I have to sign her reading log every week.
She forgot to bring her math book home once already, and I had to sign a paper that her homework was late.
On top of the regular school paperwork, I had to register Emily for advanced band, and redo the bus registration. Damien wants to sign up for piano through his school.

Plus....I have to quiz Damien on his spelling words, and Emily has to be at school 45 minutes early on Wednesdays now for band, but Damien isn't supposed to be on school grounds until 15 minutes before school starts.
Tomorrow's Damien's back to school night, Emily's is next week.

Not to mention the food. I bought enough....or what I thought was enough, lunch-ey type food for a few weeks at least, but here we are after 7 school days and this morning the only thing they had to pack was a sandwich. Thank you Patrick and Cali. I had to run in 7-11 on the way to drop them off and get them chips, string cheese, beef jerky, a rice krispy treat and gave them both milk money.
Is it summer yet? I'm exhausted already.

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yea we didnt eat it