Monday, February 23, 2009

Just freakin shoot me already

Something is wrong with the universe. Something shifted wrong, or or or maybe someone cursed me or something, but listen up here, I am not enjoying it!! First I didn't get my paycheck on time for reasons I can't really get into here, but it didn't really make things very easy, and then my garbage disposal took a big nasty food filled crap, and today, well, today my car got towed. That last one is all my fault though. Well, not ALL my fault, but a good part of it is my fault. I have been allowing my husband to drive my car for years, knowing full well that he is not in possession of a valid California drivers license. Why doesn't he have one. A long complicated string of warrant and then citation that led to fine that I sure as hell wasn't paying....except today I did, because him getting a driver's license is the only way I'll get my car back before 30 days. And let me tell you. I. NEED. MY. CAR.
Not negotiable. 30 damn days, no way, not possible. Every day the kids have school, I have to work a whole town away and most evenings they have activities, and there is the tiny little thing about we have a non refundable trip to Disneyland in 3 weeks!
So, I paid the fine, with my bill money thank you very much, and now, now he can't get an appointment with the DMV to even take the driving test for at least 30 days. But we were told to basically stalk the DMV, call them every day, he's going down there tomorrow, oh yes he is, and just see if they could maybe, just maybe, pretty please just squeeze him in. Yeah, cause it's like an emergency here. Every day that my car is in impound is costing me money.
I've been trying to not say it out loud for weeks now, but it has been going through my head...."What the hell else could go wrong??" so there, not only did I say it, I wrote it down! Open up the floodgates universe, let me have it, I can deal, I can pick myself up by my bootstraps, and I can damn sure learn my lesson. Oh yes I did.

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