Friday, February 20, 2009

Pretty Pretty Princess

Pretty pretty princess is a game I bought for Emily a million years ago when she was a toddler and I'd pretty much forgotten about it in recent years when my next toddler was of the boy variety. Caliana has recently discovered it and even though it's missing pieces, she wants to "play" often.

Give a girl some jewelry and a mirror and she'll be entertained for hours. Ok, hours is admittedly an exaggeration, but it feels like hours. Except once she's entertained in such a manner, you yourself are so enthralled and charmed by her fascination with herself that you don't take advantage of the time, you just take pictures of her.

"Oh look at me, aren't I prettttty?"

"Yes slaves, you may kiss my shoes"

"Ok, no more pictures, I have to preen now"

I've actually caught daddy playing this game with her, but I couldn't grab my camera fast enough

Five minutes after these pictures were taken, miss thing snapped that crown in half. One of the peasants must have pissed her off.

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