Thursday, February 5, 2009


I think there's a law written somewhere that states that I have to spill coffee on myself every freakin day! And if I'm wearing white, at least 3 times. I have issues I tell you, but you probably already knew that. I'm also hungover. The show last night was a lot of fun. We even got to watch a little south park on Saving Abel's tour bus. For real, I'm not lying! Drinking and staying up late on a work night is a lot like giving birth. You know you're going to be hurting and you're kinda blase about it, like "yeah I know, poor me, haha, it sucks but it's worth it"
When really you forgot how much it sucks until you do it again. And to top it all off, we had to get out of the house extra early this morning for a meeting at Damien's school. Stupid stupid. No wonder I spilled coffee on my white sweater, I'm only operating at half capacity.
The meeting went well though, there were nothing but good phrases being tossed around, "lots of improvement", "extremely bright", "definite leader".
His teacher says the other children gravitate towards him, and one little girl in particular will do anything to get Damien's attention. I'm thinking, "how freakin cute is that?"
On the way to school Damien says "I hope I don't have to kiss anyone on Valentine's Day" and I would take this concern seriously if he wasn't smirking at me and almost winking. That boy is going to be breaking hearts one day, and probably enjoying the hell out it.

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