Thursday, February 19, 2009

Monkeys and hookers and spongebob

Of course it was excellent. It's a broadway show. A broadway show with an open ended engagement at the Orpheum in San Francisco. A broadway show that puts a new twist on a classic story. Who wouldn't love that. So the fact that I enjoyed it is a given. Some of my favorite moments of the evening though are as follows:

-Dinner beforehand. We didn't go anywhere fancy or expensive. I had fajitas and a pina colada at Chevy's. However, what an amazing dinner. To be able to sit across from my husband for an hour and a half, talking, smiling, slowly eating and enjoying our food, lounging over coffee and dessert. We didn't have to take anyone to the bathroom, didn't have to try and harness a stubborn toddler into a highchair, or rush through our meal, or buy the kids dessert so they would be distracted for 3 more minutes so we could maybe finish half of our food before we were, oh my god, so done. It was a rare treat.

-When Patrick went out to the car for something, and came back to catch me frantically-last-minute writing in his anniversary card. It's just how I am.... but he doesn't hold it against me.

-The flying monkeys. Oh yes, they were way cool.

-Walking arm and arm with my love down the dark, wet streets of the city. Something about large bustling cities calls to me and I would so live there if I wasn't, you know, raising children. Because I want them raised in diversity and culture, just not with quite that much, um, reality in their faces day in day out. As we were getting in our car, a hooker walked out of the alley carrying a crib mattress. I suppose in her line of work, that's like her laptop....she can take her work anywhere.

-Going home. To an empty house. There's something about an empty house that both thrills and disturbs me. It's even better and more rare than the dinner to be home alone, just my husband and I. We didn't have to be quiet, we didn't have to get any sippy cups of water, or change any diapers, or have anyone in our bed but us two.

But... somewhere in my heart and mind, I am screaming for my children to be home and in their beds. It's where they belong, where I can most care for them and be available should they need me. It's one of those conundrums of parenthood, the pull between marriage and children. Don't worry, I made it through the night.

All through work yesterday I was anxious to go pick up my kiddos. Of course if you have children you know that any time you're especially missing your kids, they're probably missing you too, and will show it by driving you completely insane within 4 minutes of finally seeing you. They want full attention, all you, all the time. Damien starts bouncing off the walls and whenever he tries to tell me any of the million things he needs to tell me, Caliana butts in with a very obnoxious

It's lovely to be so adored.

Last night I let Cali lay in my bed and watch Spongebob. She says "mommy, way down, you want wash dis wis me"
" Ok, Where should I lay baby?"
"wight here, hab daddy's peeyo, get da bwanky on and get cozzzy!
So I did. I cuddled right up and almost fell asleep. Which would have been bad since I was baking Patrick's birthday cake.
Cali sang along with the spongebob song and I swear when she says spongebob squarepants, it sound just like "Spongebob crap-pants"
I laugh at her and she laughs with me. She covers her mouth with her little hand and giggles and tells me "laugh wis your arm mommy" She wants me to cover my mouth and share our secret little laugh. Dang I love that little munchkin.

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