Thursday, January 29, 2009

10 reasons I love my children

Someone asked this question over on a bulletin board I post on and I want to keep my answers, so I'm pasting it over here. It's very trivial really because it's hard to put something like love, especially the all encompassing love for your children into words or reasons. You love them because they are. Because they're a person you've watched grow and change from creation, that you've cultivated and molded and poured so much of yourself into. But aside from that, here are my answers, broken out by child because they are all very different.

em ( I call her "Em" the majority of the time):

1. she's like a clone of me, what I mean is, she's so much like I was that I relive my childhood over and over through her
2. she is so empathetic
3. she always cares about everyone else's feelings first, even people she doesn't know well
4. she gives love so freely that she makes it so easy to love her
5. she's eager to please
6. she speaks her mind
7. she's my first baby
8. she's open minded
9. wise beyond her years
10. we can talk like friends, share interests in books, movies, etc... I really see us developing a wonderfully close adult mother/daughter relationship


1. he's independent
2. he is discriminatory with his affection, but if he deems you worthy he is fiercely loyal
3. he's very logical and not easily intimidated
4. he loves animals and babies
5. he's not afraid of anything
6. he's my only son
7. his mind is so different than mine, he's fascinating to figure out
8. he rides all the scary rides with me
9. he's quick with compliments, and sincere
10. he's strong, body and mind


1. she's just like her daddy
2. she's strong willed, which means she doesn't give up easily
3. she has an amazing memory
4. she talks a lot
5. she's very enthusiastic and brings out the best in people
6. she's my baby, and has an old soul
7. she loves to snuggle
8. she has a sweet little kissable face
9. she's dramatic
10. she loves my husband fiercely and in that way, helps save him from himself. She holds him accountable.

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