Thursday, January 22, 2009

Who's the sucker here?

Caliana stays home with Patrick on Wednesdays. They lounge around, playing guitar hero, watching movies, snacking and napping. Cali is enamored with her daddy and pretty much sticks to him like something sticky... and obsessive. I think she's going to be one of those clingy girlfriends. The ones who never miss your football practice, who want to hang out with you and your boys, who texts you to find out why you haven't called since lunch, and just when exactly did you plan to take her out for your 3 week anniversary? Yeah, that one.
So Patrick calls me yesterday afternoon to do the evening briefing. No gymnastics, no cheer, no basketball, no plans. That is great, because he needs a break. He just needs to go somewhere, somewhere Caliana isn't. I laugh from the safety of my office and agree to give him a reprieve that evening.
I get home, and Patrick is getting ready to go visit his dad, and I'm well rested from my day at work and ready to hang with the kids for the evening, but wait....what's this? Patrick is getting Cali's shoes on? He's asking me to fix her hair. What's going on here? He looks at me sheepishly, "I told her she could come with me"
Haha, suckerrrr! So much for Daddy's reprieve.

So, I spent my evening cleaning bathrooms instead. We have 3. For convenience sake, I love having 3. Patrick can shave, I can do my hair and Emily can shower all at the same time. But when it comes to housework, I wish I had zero.
I hate hate hate cleaning the bathrooms, it's my least favorite chore. The hair and the toothpaste and the soap scum and the pee. Blech! I live with 2 boys, one is 6 and the other....well age doesn't really matter here. It's all about aim, and it's safe to say, I wouldn't trust either one to shoot the villian holding me hostage. For this reason, I don't feel that cleaning the bathrooms should be my job. I pee directly in the toilet, no spare drops going anywhere. So I try to hold out, and hope that someone else will notice and maybe, just maybe I'll come home one day it will be clean and it wouldn't have been me. It would've been like the shoemaker and the elves, where the work is just magically done and I wouldn't question it. I would never look a gift horse in the mouth. Come to think of it, I probably wouldn't look any horse in the mouth. That's kinda gross.
Oh, and did you know that Comet spray mixed with pee smells a lot like sweaty feet? See, you learn something new every day. It's enough to send you screaming for the sanctity of the living room and immerse yourself in some guitar hero, but no. I braved the trenches, fought my way through the bath toys and dirty laundry and used an entire roll of paper towels, but I came out victorious, with 3 sparkling, beautiful, pee free bathrooms.

I still feel that daddy got the better end of the deal.

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