Monday, January 5, 2009

vampires and superstitions

The first post of 2009, oooh, gotta make it a good one. Oh the pressure. If it sucks, then all of 2009 is going to suck. Ok, maybe not, but I like to pretend stuff like that. I'd say I'm mildly superstitious. I knock on wood and I toss a pinch of spilled salt, but I could give a hoot about umbrellas in the house and I've owned two black cats. BUT, there is one that I follow religiously. If you're ever in the car with me and we have to pass over a railroad track....sneak a glance in my direction. You'll see me kiss my hand and touch the ceiling. My mom's friend taught me this one when I was really young and I've always followed it. It goes along the lines of *the railroad tracks hurt your car's tires, and if you give it a little love, then it will keep you safe = no car accidents*
Hey, I never claimed to be completely sane. Patrick is always attempting to screw me up on this. If he sees a railroad track coming, sometimes he'll try to distract me, or he'll reach over and hold my hand. Hasn't worked yet, but he keeps trying. Does he want me to get in an accident? Gosh.


I've been home with the kids since New Years eve and although we had a good time, I am pretty glad to be back at work. For a few reasons....

#1 I like to feel productive, and doing dishes and load after load of laundry just doesn't use enough of my brain to make me feel truly productive

#2 I get stir crazy at home, which leads to...

#3 we go out a lot and out to eat a lot which means I eat too much, and too much of crappy (deliciously crappy) food

On Thursday I took the kids to Walmart to spend the giftcards their grandma sent them for Christmas. That took way way too long, longer than I even want to write about, but while we were there Emily was looking through the poster display, and there was not one, but two Twilight posters...

(*side note*- after I read the entire Twilight series, Emily asked me about them and asked if she could read them. She's halfway through the second book, saw the movie last week and is totally obsessed.)

So she wanted one of those posters in a bad way, but of course they were all gone. So on Friday we went to the OTHER Walmart to see if they had any. Nope.

So on the way, all of these excursions required fast food to sustain us.....we went to the mall. First store, bam, right there next to the door, a whole rack dedicated to Twilight posters. She got to take her pick. We hung around the mall awhile anyways, and there were a few other stores that had Twilight posters, AND t-shirts. One should always try the mall first, especially for tween obsessed merchandise. Now I know, see, you're always learning as a parent.

While we were already there shopping around, I decided to grab some accessories for my dance performance. I got a hair thing, some earrings and the cutest fingerless gloves that I hope I get to wear. Speaking of....anyone who wants to come see my performance it's at Sonoma State Persons Theater, Saturday January 17th, 4 pm. It costs $15 and I have to prebuy your ticket for you, so just let me know. You know it's worth it.

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