Monday, January 12, 2009

Dress rehearsal

My dance class had our dress rehearsal on Saturday. It was a hectic morning. I had to gather all the pieces to my outfit, throw my shirt in the dryer since I don't own an iron, and still get everyone ready for the day.
My loving husband ran out to get me coffee, electrical tape (to convert my black and silver shoes into all black shoes) and an egg and sausage mcmuffin for good measure.
I was finally all set, but first things first. Damien had an 11 am basketball game. First one of the season. If you've never seen kindergarteners and 1st graders play a game of basketball, you don't know what you're missing. It is one of the funniest things on the planet. Many of the kids forget to dribble except when they're standing still, many forget to dribble period. They sometimes guard their own players, pass to players on the other team, shoot for the wrong basket, they will roll around on the court....two kids with little arms locked around that ball, not giving in until the whistle blows. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Except for the part where Caliana kept trying to crawl under the legs of the other people on the bleachers. Emily read the whole time.
The game didn't end till 12, and my dress rehearsal was at 1, so I snatched Damien out of the post game huddle, skipping the obligitory hand slapping to the other team, and we hauled butt out of the parking lot. 15 minutes home, 5 minutes changing and 20 minutes to the next town over....left me almost a half an hour late meeting my friend at our work. We were going to try and find the theater together, and wanted to have plenty of time, hahaha.
Luckily it wasn't hard to find and we arrived with a little time to spare. We took the elevator up to the dressing room and I stepped out into a throng of half naked 6 year old ballerinas. Whoops, sorry girls, carry on.
I made my way over to my classmates who all looked just as ridiculous as I did with our 80's colored clothes, accessories and too much makeup.
One of the girls took all of our leggings home to dye them and was supposed to give them to us at dress rehearsal. She did, and they were freezingly soaking wet. We all looked at each other, like "uh, what the hell? Are we actually supposed to put these on?"
One woman took the plunge and threw them on. And OMG, they were like half see through. Add that to the fact that the built in "shorts" on our skirts ended up being built in "underwear" and the whole "squatting on stage in front of people" thing became quite unappealing.

At that moment our dance teacher ushered us out to the stage and most of us were still holding our sopping leggings. So we quickly ducked behind a curtain to squeeze them on. Whoosh, off goes my skirt and I'm standing on a stage in my underwear (sounds like a bad dream, huh? At least no one opened the curtain.)
I wiggled into those leggings as quickly as possible and I won't lie. It sucked. Ever put on a wet bathing suit? Yeah, it was like that.
I was shivering cold for two minutes and next thing I know I'm standing in pitch blackness, and then I'm nervous, and then I'm dancing in front of people, except the cool thing is when you're on stage, there are all these lights shining down on you, so you can barely even ascertain that there is an audience, much less see the looks of horror or laughter on their faces.
Ok, I'm being overly dramatic, we got rave reviews and I loved every minute of the attention, panty flashing and all. Our teacher said the lighting guys complimented her on our dance and she says she thinks it was their favorite *wink wink*

Saturday....the real thing.

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