Monday, January 19, 2009

Because I promised bombardment

Please people, no pictures, don't make me call my agent

getting ready for his game

Damn, all this talking is boring, let's get to it already

action shot

They were walking away from me and I prepped the camera, yelled "hey guys" and as soon as they turned, snapped this pic. See the identical crossed arms and expressions of "what the hell do you want woman?"

Then they were all like "oh you wanted to take a picture of us? Why didn't you say so?" and I got this

Cheesin and posin with my brother Noah

I'll pause while you drool over our beautiful California weather. Go ahead, be jealous, I don't blame you.

The boy

The girl

me and my girls before our dance

One more quick touch up

The flowers my loving husband bought me

and one more shot because I love it

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