Friday, January 30, 2009


I think I'm getting a cold. Patrick and Cali both had one this week. And possibly one of the other kids too, I can't keep track anymore. I got a little nose runny last night and this morning was sneezing and a little congested. I don't typically take medicine when I'm sick. I have full and complete faith in the healing powers of my own immune system, but damn it. It's Friday, and I just thought maybe I should take a little something to get through the afternoon.
So while I was out at lunch I picked up some Dayquil. I have this really cool Health Savings Account that is strictly for all things medical but the checker said I had to use it at the pharmacy all the way at the back of the store. So, I just said screw it and paid cash.
Even though the box says to take 2, I only downed one of those slippery orange tablets with my cup o noodle. 20 minutes later and I couldn't feel my arms anymore, and it was spreading. I wasn't droopy eyelid tired, but had that heavy numb body feeling like being stoned, or after a really good glass, errr bottle of wine.
I haven't noticed any congestion in the past few hours, but I also haven't had the most productive afternoon. I've been too busy trippin off the Dayquil. I think I'll take the rest of the box home for the weekend.

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