Friday, January 9, 2009

Funny Friday

There's something about the sun shining on a Friday after days of rain and gloom that makes me want to get up and dance. It's either that, or the bangles blasting from my speakers. 80's music is my Friday guilty pleasure. Whatever, I've already made it clear that I'm a dork.

Want to hear a joke? It's corny. It's also Patrick's favorite. Probably because it's corny. And because it confuses people for a quick sec. And Patrick loves to confuse people. Here it is.

"What did the robber say when he ran into the bank?"


I told you.

Patrick is a constant source of amusement for me. That doesn't sound right......don't get offended hun, I'm not laughing AT you. What I mean is, he's pretty funny. And he's known a lot of people. And people. are. hilarious.
He was telling me the other day about this girl he used to know who actually thought she was psychic because she could sing along with a country song that she'd never heard before. Bwaaaahaaaa, now THAT is comedy.

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