Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The eye before the storm

I honestly and truly get a break from all extra curricular activities, starting tomorrow and ending the day after Christmas!!

Damien has basketball practice tonight, and Emily has her clarinet recital tomorrow night, but then, nothing for 7 whole days!!

I'm going to need it.

School, Gymnastics, basketball and my dance class are all on hold until the second week of January, but Emily still has cheer practice twice a week. That is because her first competition is January 11th, in Davis! The day after MY dress rehearsal for dance. The next weekend, my dance performance is on Saturday, and the next day, another competition for Emily in Moraga. Where? Yeah, my thoughts exactly. That means it's at least an hour away.
I'm pretty sure Damien's first basketball game is one of those weekends also. Where will we ever find the time to play our new Wii?

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Anonymous said...

Moraga is near berkeley and alameda take the 80 to the 24 to moraga way