Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oregon- Day 3

By the third day I was feeling mostly better. I started the morning out mellow enough. Chilling out on an air mattress watching "Big Daddy" with the kids. Patrick made me a cup of coffee and warned me that it was boiling hot. Of course, Murphy's Law being what it is, Damien took that as a cue to try and sit on my lap. I was sitting cross legged on an air mattress, so I had not a lot of options. I basically shoved him away from me, trying to keep him from sitting on my *full to the brim, boiling hot cup of coffee* and in the process splashed some coffee onto my own leg. Thankfully it wasn't a lot, but I did get a pretty little burn about the size of a silver dollar that started blistering and peeling immediately. Someone got me a bottle of cold coffee creamer that I stuck on there and that took the pain away. It's kind of ironic that it's the worst burn I've ever had, but it hurt the least. I have to attribute it to making it cold right away. Anyways, everyone fretted around trying giving me Neopsorin and trying to find a bandage in the 3 different first aid kits, but I was like "dudes, chill, it doesn't even hurt. Thanks for the coffee creamer."

A little later after we were all dressed, Cali wanted to go down to the park. I pretty much hadn't left the house much at all, so I figured it was my turn to take her. It was coooooooold. For point of reference, daytime temps in the winter where I live are around 50-60 degrees. That is my cold. That is what I go out in in the winter with my cozy boots, sweaters, jackets, etc...
It gets down into the 30's but only at night while I'm sleeping.
So anyways, it was way too cold for my liking, probably around 40. I brought a Dr Pepper with me, but as soon as we got there I set it down and didn't pick it back up again. I could barely stand to push Cali on the swing. Poor girl, I kept asking her if she was done yet. She just shook her head and kept saying "my hands is feezing". My kids don't own gloves. Or scarves. We are fully unprepared for very cold weather. Which I know, it wasn't even snowing or below freezing or anything and I'm just a big baby, but whatever.
I got her down and her hands WERE freezing. I warmed them up a bit, and showed her how to stick them in her pockets, but honestly it freaked me out a little, seeing her tiny little fingers all red and cold, like little baby finger popsicles. I took her back to the house.
That afternoon my mom left to pick up her fridge from Sears and take my brothers to the movies, so I just hung around and read my book, while Cali napped and the older kids played outside *psychos*. And by play I mean, took the bottle of Ranch that was being kept cold outside and squirting it all over the walkway.
When my mom got back we decided to go to Grants Pass to go bowling and have dinner. The kids played on one lane, and the adults on the other. This was the kids' first time bowling without bumpers, and Emily got a little discouraged, but I taught them how to granny bowl, and they didn't do too bad. I bowled an ok game, but I lost my 2nd frame, a strike thank you very much, because I stepped over the line. I have never had that happen before and had to go complain about my score screwing up. She was like "oh, I'm sorry, you must have fouled, I can't change the score in that case". I was fuming. What? Me step over the line? I would never? Ok, I probably did, but that's a stupid rule! Give me my strike back!
My mom ended up winning, and I squeezed into second one point behind her with 2 strikes in the final frame. Patrick pouted over that because that knocked him into 3rd by only 1 point. Close game.
We ate at Applebees after that and I was SHOCKED at how well behaved every one of the children were. They actually colored in the little kids menu books and ate their dinner, and didn't try to climb out of the chairs and go running around the restaurant. It was truly a delightful meal.
After dinner, the boys took one car back, while the rest of us went to Walmart. When we first walked in, I was all "LOOK KIDS, they have GROCERIES at this Walmart!" They were unimpressed. I also liked the wide aisles and how empty it was. Our Walmarts are always PACKED. I also got a lot of looks. Made me wonder if I was committing some Oregon Faux-pas that I was clueless about. They do wear their boots on the outside of their jeans here, don't they? Or maybe they just don't have chicks as hot as me here, HA HA!
When we got back to the house, everyone was tired and ready for bed, except me, and finding a quiet place to read where I could have a light on without disturbing someone was quite the chore. I ended up reading in my mom's room for a little bit and finished my book (last one in the Twilight series), and grudgingly went off to bed.

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