Tuesday, December 23, 2008


One of my children, and I'm not naming any names here, is the most eager to please child I've ever met, aside from myself of course. It seems the only time she is in trouble it's because she won't admit to a mistake she made for fear of our disappointment. This is a pretty easy disposition for me to deal with, and the source of my "parental snobbery" when I only had one child.
I was all like "geez, parenting is so easy. I'm only a teenager and my toddler is so well behaved. All you other parents must be screwing up and turning your kids into brats."
Yeah, ok, remember I was a teenager. And she really was that easy.

My newest daughter....I knew from the start that she was going to be trouble. First of all, she's a cancer. Don't get offended all of you cancers... she's extremely loving and charming, but she's going to do things her way and that's it. Nope, no point in arguing, that's the way it is.

Her first act of rebellion, being born a girl. No one thought it would happen. There hasn't been a Walsh girl born in at least 4 generations. Ask my husband, or his brothers, or his nephew, or his dad, or his uncles....you get the point.
She's a new specimen, very powerful, very headstrong, very stubborn.

One of my biggest parenting pet peeves is children with hair in their faces. Especially toddlers. They get food in it, it sticks to their snot...ick. Caliana was born with an extrordinary amount of hair. She had a bob by 6 months old.

Consequently, I've had to style her hair from a very young age, to keep it out of her eyes, her mouth, her drool. And was there ever drool, my goodness.
But I digress. My problem is with her hair now. I style it, she pulls it out. I style it again and she tells me she doesn't want it in, and pulls it out.

At breakfast she's leaning over her bowl of cereal, her hair is almost sitting directly in the bowl, she keeps swiping it out of her eyes. I see the problem...I want to fix the problem...I need to get the damn offending hair out of her face. I say "baby, do you want me to get you a hair thing to get all that hair out of your face?" Her response, "no, my like it my face" grabs a big hunk of hair and pulls it directly down the middle of her face and eats around it. I tell you, I just can't WAIT for her teen years.

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Carolyn @ momsontheedge said...

Lol! My daughter also loves her hair hanging in her eyes. It's always a disaster! I'm so jealous of moms with little girls with perfectly pony-tailed and clipped back locks. :)

Merry Christmas!! Hope it's a great one.