Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I love when Monday is actually Tuesday. What better way to start the week than to totally skip Monday? I took yesterday off as a self imposed "Mental Health Day". I'm getting a little ribbing about it this morning..."what, she thought one day would be enough..hahaha" It's all good though. I spent most of the day with my baby monkey. I think she gets a little shafted on the individual quality time, being that she's the third, so it's nice to just hang out sometimes, just me and her, even if we did have to stop by the DMV.
The weekend was super busy. I went to a passion party at a friend's house Friday night, and am going to have to find another to go to, AFTER Christmas, because I wanted to buy too much and it's just not in my budget for December. I got a little something though, so all was not lost.
Sunday we got our Christmas pictures taken and that was an ORDEAL. It always is. I used to work at Sears Portraits, so I have a certain sympathy and understanding for the madness. Portrait Studios pretty much triple their business in November/December, so their solution to that is to hire a bunch of new employees in October. That's great and all, except one month of experience is usually not sufficient to keep things flowing at the pace necessary to avoid total chaos. I helped out with the pics that I'm not actually in, so we did get some good ones.
Hey, I just had an epiphany! Maybe I should hire on part time to a portrait studio next year. I have the experience to help, and it would mean extra Christmas money. Hmmm, we'll see whether the lottery comes through or not in 2009.
Later that day we went to get our Christmas tree. We always go to a farm to cut our own down. We lost every one of our children at least once. It was thrilling. I had spent my entire fortune on Christmas pictures, so I only had $53 left for our tree. They sell pines for $4.50 a foot and firs for $7.50 a foot, so I could have saved myself some stress by just going with a pine, but I didn't. I love firs. So we had to be really careful how tall the tree was, because how embarrassing would that be, if we cut it down and couldn't pay for it. We ended up with a 6 1/2 footer and it cost $51.28. Woohoo! I took some pictures, but they were on one of those disposable film cameras, so I'll share those pics sometime in 2010.
Our pretty tree is now standing in our living room completely bare. I got out the decorations last night and found that not a single strand of lights works. Damn and double damn. But, Patrick has vowed to make them work today, so good luck to him.

P.s. I got the package Bob, and I have to say: You freakin rock! You just made my Tuesday-Monday!!

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Billjwalsh said...

Glad you likeed it. I Hope it makes for a little better Christmas for you all. Tell everyone I said Hi and that I love them.