Thursday, December 18, 2008

Maybe I shouldn't share this one

Remember how I said I was a deep sleeper, and nothing short of the world exploding, or a toddler jumping directly on my face would wake me. Yeah well....

Last night, all the kids were tucked into bed sleeping, and Patrick was at the store when I started getting yawny and stretchy. I locked up the house, and headed off to bed. What I completely forgot all about was that we had taken our house key off the key ring when we went to Oregon, and I had just inadvertantly locked my husband out in the cold. And it is COLD. It has been unusually cold here this week. We've even had everything frosting over. It's freakin me out.
Well, he apparently rang the doorbell for quite awhile, but did I wake up? Did I even stir? Did I even have a dream about a bell ringing insistently? The answer is no. I slept on cluelessly, while my 2 year old. Yikes. My 2 year old unlocked the door for her daddy. Oh lord. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm glad he was able to actually come in the house, but not so pleased that my baby can undo the deadbolts. Especially since she's proven to be somewhat of an insomniac and I'm so not. Obviously.
This situation will have to be rectified immediately, before she decides to take a midnight stroll up the street, and I'm left sleeping peacefully through the insistent doorbell ringing from the police.
Nobody call CPS, I'll fix it. Promise.

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