Monday, April 20, 2009

Can I please go back to work now?

It was in the 90's here yesterday. That's a little warm for April, even by California standards. In fact, I believe we broke a record.
After lunch I decided to take the kids to the public pool downtown. It has a waterslide, diving boards and fountains, and as you can imagine, it was packed! I wasn't sure about bringing Caliana because she hasn't loved going swimming in the past. She does alright with lakes and rivers where the water is a little warmer, and not so bright, and not so "filled with splashing kids" crowded. But I asked her numerous times if she wanted to go swimming and she was all about it, so we went.
My husband, who also has an aversion to cold water opted to stay home.
We were roasting by the time we got there, and I slathered Cali in sunscreen, which she loved, put her in her new cute little pink striped bathing suit, which she also loved and headed toward the water. We were approximately 5 feet away when she put on the brakes and started to turn around. Being the understanding mother that I am, I picked her up and kept going. I was feeling a little exposed standing there in the first bikini I've owned in 4 years, so I was a little eager to get in the water.
You know how it goes, where you think once they get in, and get a little used to the temperature, then they'll have fun. Didn't happen. She complained the entire two minutes we were in there. I tried to get her to take a walk with me around the place, or sit on her towel and have a snack, but she refused to budge from my lap and just kept asking to go home with daddy.
Luckily one of the moms from Emily's cheer team was there and offered to watch the older two while I ran Cali home. So I started to gather my wallet and my, where are my keys? Not in the diaper bag where they should be. And so that leaves one place, the car. I fully remember hitting the auto lock button before getting out too. And where do I keep the spare key? In my purse, since I usually always have that with me, but not this time. I had left it in the car and only brought the diaper bag.
Unbeknownst to me, Damien had luckily left his window rolled down and saved my life, because yes, the keys, both sets were locked in the car. I drove Cali home, where she immediately demanded a popciscle from her daddy. Her daddy who was not quite thrilled to have his afternoon break cut so short.
The rest of my afternoon was quite lovely. I sat in the shade, swam some, and lay in the sun reading for a little while.
By the time we got home though, I was feeling tired and little dried out. As I'm sure the kids did also, because they started being jerks. Damien started bugging and teasing Cali, which makes her scream, which makes the rest of us want to jump out the window, so he was sent to his room.
I had to go to the bathroom, so of course the kids had to seek me out. Cali barged in and started playing drums on the edge of the tub, and the wall with her drumstick. Don't ask me why she has drumsticks, I didn't buy them. But oh my god, so loud. Then Emily had to come tell me that Damien said he hates Cali, and I'm like "Oh my fucking goodness, are you serious??? I'm IN THE BATHROOM!"
Next comes Damien to ask if he can go to his friend's house, and I wanted to grab the drumstick from Cali and beat him with it.

Today, it's supposed to be 93 degrees, and thankfully I get to sit in my air conditioned office, and they can all be hot and miserable without me.

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