Monday, April 13, 2009

Let me give you a hint

Just when you think your kids are brilliant, they surprise you, with their inablity to think outside the box, to conceptualize, to use their damn brains already, please! Now, I'm gonna give them the benefit of the doubt that it was pretty early in the morning, and they hadn't had any coffee yet. Or maybe that was just me.

Every year I create a scavenger hunt for each of the kids to find their Easter baskets. We give them their first clue, and they have to solve the riddle to get to the next and so on until they eventually find the basket.

One of Emily's read like this:

"The key to your next clue is one of a few,
when you find your next letter, don't forget shoes"

She went over to the shoe rack and started checking them out. Obviously she was going to need some guidance.

me: "Em, there's a couple of word clues in there. Why would you need shoes?"

E: "to protect your feet when you go outside"

me: "good! now why would you need a key outside?"

E: "to get back in the house?"

me: "yeah, what else?"

E: "to get in the car?"

me: "aaaaand?"

E: "to check the mail?"

me: "right!"

E: *blank stare*

me: "there's one other word clue in your note"

E: "letter?"

me: "good! Now where do we get letters?"

E: "in the car?"


Ok, I didn't actually say that, but man, I felt like it.

Next year I think I'll make them all like Cali's which said

"look under your pillow"
"look in your potty"
"look in the dryer"

Less frustration for me.

And now, some Easter pics for your viewing pleasure

Coloring eggs

We went to the early church service, and it was very touching. Both Patrick and I were sniffling and wiping our eyes. We spent the afternoon at the park, where we ate lunch, hunted for easter eggs, and ate a lot of candy. Typically we do this at the lake near our house, and there are a lot of people that come. That didn't quite work out this year, and we went to a different park, where it was only Patrick, me and the kids, my ex, and one of my brothers. Not quite a typical family gathering.

Here's Cal in a dress I made her like a year ago, and that will probably fit her till she's 5 since she doesn't grow

egg hunting (Patrick is pointing them away from the poison oak)

Look, he's an angel!! (everyone laugh with me)

Em with her dad

Goofy boy

My other girl with her dadddy

and the only shot of me, self inflicted of course

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