Tuesday, April 14, 2009

spreading her wings

I'm researching preschools.
Caliana has been in my mom's in home daycare since she was 6 weeks old. I loved being able to leave my tiny baby with her grandma, rather than a stranger, and know that she was being loved on top of being cared for. She currently goes part time, and stays home with daddy the other part of the time. She's getting older and more active, and frankly is outgrowing the small daycare setting.

This morning, she and I took a tour of a rather small preschool. When we first walked in, there were two little boys about 3 years old playing, and zero adults. I called out, "Hello?"
One of the little boys says "ebry-one's outside"
So I asked him "are you guys all alone in here?"
"yep" he replied.

So I went outside to the playground where I found two teachers. "um, excuse me, did you know you have two little guys inside?"

They were shocked and appalled and blame blame blamed the parent. The parent should not have left them there, they should have brought them to the teachers. Now whether they were just covering their own asses, or if this really was a rare occurance I don't know, but I didn't exactly feel like leaving my daughter and skipping out the door.
It's a cute little school, and Cali enjoyed dragging out a bunch of toys, but I'm just not sure. It's all about instinct, right? I mean, it's not like this is my first time. Both Emily and Damien went to preschool. Emily very part time right before kindergarten, and Damien full time, for 3 years. Let's just say he outgrew the in home daycare setting quite early, and with a vengeance.
But, you know, I'm still not sure exactly what I'm looking for in a school. Cost of course is a factor, and quality care, and I'd like her to learn a little something. A certain level of structure of course. But I think the main thing I'm looking for, for her, is freedom. Freedom to run, to explore, to climb and tumble and imagine. I don't think I've found that yet.


mitzi said...

what preschool did you go look at just wondering because i have worked at quite a few some are crapy Mitzi

Brandi M Walsh said...

Little Angels

mitzi said...

that's funny because james goes there 3 days a week in the morning. That is a good one but yeah go visit a few and then decide.that is going to suck for your mom she will only have james and his brother then. oh well got to do what you have to do. take care and by the way very cute pictures of the kids on the blog

mitzi said...

do u work or just go on the computer all day long? lol jk take care Mitzi