Friday, April 17, 2009

home alone, sorta

The kids are home on spring break this week. I arranged for my mom to take Emily to gymnastics yesterday, and I was going to pick her up after work. I called home 10 minutes before I left to see if Patrick had anything planned for dinner, or if he wanted me to pick something up.
To my surprise, Damien answered the phone. It was a difficult conversation because he has a tendency to put his mouth right on the freakin phone and speak loudly and it sounds a lot like "MUUUMPH,GER AR BAJKSLD;FJAWOE????"

Apparantly, Patrick had lay down with Cali to get her to nap, and they both fell asleep. I told Damien to stay inside, don't answer the door and don't answer the phone anymore, and behave! Can you even understand me? I can't understand you! HOLD THE PHONE AWAY FROM YOUR MOUTH!"
I could see my coworkers gathering outside my office. Who is she yelling at?

Eventually he figured it out and we were able to talk somewhat normally.

"mom, can I watch TV?"

"Sure, go ahead"

"ok, I'm gonna put the phone down, and you don't hang up and you tell me when I have to stop watching tv"

That boy is SO responsible.

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mitzi said...

that's it for a fridays post i love to tease you lol have a fabouless weekend i can't spell