Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Visible difference

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I miss my camera. Well, to be more specific, I miss my old camera. No, not the last one, that I broke, or the one before that, that got stolen. I'm talking about the one before THAT, the one that Patrick left in a casino in Las Vegas last April. I miss my SLR. It was *gasp* not digital, but it took beautiful pictures. Like this one

and this

Ooooh, and this

Now, I have a nice little Canon Elph that does it's job pretty well. It has some cute little features, and is nice and tiny and fits in my purse, but that little lens, try as it may, it just can't do this....

I told Emily I'd take her out one day this spring and do an all day photo shoot, up in the hills, out to the beach, around town, etc.... but I can't bear the thought of doing all of that to end up with "pictures" instead of "photographs"

Allow me to be a spoiled American consumer for a second while I say "I NEEEEEEED a Canon Rebel!"

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