Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Animated spouse

Patrick and I had a discussion once, about if we were a cartoon, who would we want our husband or wife to be?

My choice was Aladdin.

He's my type.
Dark hair.
Nice body.
Likes kids and animals.
Bad boy exterior, with a heart of gold underneath.

Prince Eric from the little Mermaid is pretty hot too, and he does like redheads, but he's a little too proper for me. We'd probably butt heads.

Patrick's answer......are you ready?...........Daisy Duck.

It's been a running joke between us ever since.

It prompted me to take this picture in toon town

And just last week, Patrick grabbed this shot off of a bounce house at a birthday party we went to

Oh Daisy, coy as you may be, he's mine and you can't have him.

How about you guys? Who would you pick? It doesn't even have to be a Disney character.


Ben Simon said...

I'd have to say Holli Would, from cool world. I've always been a fan of teasers. (And always been cheated on, so why break tradition, eh?)

Anonymous said...

can you blame him I mean look at her