Tuesday, June 2, 2009


New Cali obsession: Tom and Jerry, formerly referred to as Tom and Jerry on demand, as in "I wan watch Tom and Jerry on demand"

Cali: Mom, Tommin throw that, thas not NICE!

Me: Tommin?

Cali: Yeah, Tommin. Thas not NICE!

Me: OH! Tom?

Cali: No, Tommin, Tommin Jerry


Damien: Emily, wouldn't that be funny if we were cartoons and every time you walked by, you like threw something at me?

Emily: Yeah, haha, like every time I walk by, I throw an advil at you?

Damien: yeah, hahahaha

Emily: Do you even KNOW what an advil is?

(*this is where I stop and cross my arms and listen, cause she's getting all smarty pants, and she doesn't even know what she's talking about*)

Damien: Yeah, it's one of those big black heavy things.

Emily: yep

Me: um, excuse me, actually that's an ANvil, an advil is a tiiiiiiiny little pill

(*Ha, I still hold the title for ultimate smarty pants in the family*)


mitzi said...

good one

Anonymous said...

hahaha ha haha ha nana