Thursday, June 18, 2009


Dear Thursday,

why must you mock me so? You're everything that Friday isn't, boring....tedious.....leaving nothing to anticipate, save another work day. You don't even provide a new episode of Grey's or private practice anymore. What good are you? You're nothing. An irritant. A space holder. A nuisance. Your only redeeming qualities are:

A. I get to leave an hour early to take Emily to gymnastics


B. So you think you can dance results show

Besides that, you're boring me to death. I am yawning and I just downed 20 ounces of coffee. That doesn't bode well for the rest of my day. I am a sagittarius and as such, I require excitement....change of pace.....something, so get it together Thursday and provide me with some decent stimulation already.

Oh lord, I'm fading quickly....


Anonymous said...

Thursday said:

I'f not for my qualities.
Then Friday's would have
less meaning,,

just something to think about...

Brandi M Walsh said...

Very true! It's afternoon now, so I'm able to appreciate the alternative perspective. Thanks for the insight.

Anonymous said...

I got something for you baby dont worry your evening will turn out Love allever YOURS

Anonymous said...

Thursday says:)

No need for thanks, I knew u were aware of it all along,

Sometimes tho, We might need a fresh pair of eyes to see something differently.

U pretty lady, r doing just great.

Ben said...

I wish I could have a 'snore-ish' thursday, or any work day for that matter. They have me running around so bad, I panic for the 5 min break I get while the receiver downloads, software, and menu.

We should trade afew thurs' a year. I have to warn you though, some times my bosses expect you to cram 2 day work into 1 1/4 days hrs.