Monday, June 8, 2009

Queens-who and other name mix ups

For those of you following along at home, we now return from the commercial break with a variety show of weekend events in no particular order of importance or terribly creative storytelling, because it's Monday and my brain has yet to upload completely.

Thursday was the kids' last day of school. Emily got a class award for "Best Creative Writer" and she got a school award for "outstanding writing achievement".

Her introduction from her teacher went like this:

"Once in a while you come across a student with an innate ability to write. This year I encountered such a student. Her writing is informative when necessary, entertaining when appropriate and always composed with a strong voice. This year's award for Outstanding Writing achievement goes to Emily Sharp."

SO proud.


Friday we celebrated the first day of summer vacation by taking all 3 kids to the dentist! So fun. Honestly though, it went just fine. 3 cleanings, 3 great checkups, 0 cavities or issues. Cali actually keeps asking to "go to da dentis, and hold still"

Right after, we went to see "Up". It was great and I cried no less than 3 times. Pixar has outdone themselves once more.

We dropped the kiddos off to spend the night at grandma's and Patrick and I drove the hour and a half to Konocti to see Queensryche in concert. Patrick won the tickets and even though we both have pretty eclectic musical tastes, neither of us had really heard of them. We both vaguely recognized one song, but free tickets are free tickets. We were part of this VIP private acoustic set, meet the band thing-y, which was pretty cool. We got a picture with the band. Exciting huh? (I have no idea what the guy next to me is pointing at)

We hung around for the next 3 or so hours until the actual concert, but only made it through the first set. The band was ok, but the atmosphere was a There were a lot of 50-ish men, in Playboy bunny tee-shirts yelling things like "Hell yes, Queensryche rocks mother fuckers!"
and maybe we're too old.....or too young in this instance, or something else, but we decided we'd prefer a few hours to ourselves at home to sitting through the rest of this awkward show. I think we made a good choice.


Saturday was the much anticipated dance performance. It went well. I had a great time. I got only half of it on video because my camera battery died halfway through. Such is life, but here's the first half, planted on Youtube for your eternal amusement. (p.s. I'm the one on the right)


Yesterday Patrick took the day off, and stayed home alone while I brought all three kids to not one, but two birthday parties for 3 year old girls. It was a lot of cake.
The second party was for my niece Kylee who is 6 weeks older than Cali. Everyone was stuttering the whole time..."KY...Cale....Cali....whew"

Ky and Cal

And Kylee's big brother Jeremiah, who you would never guess is actually 9 months YOUNGER than his cousin Emily

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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