Monday, June 29, 2009

And we finally learned to use sunscreen

Summer has arrived. With a vengeance. We had a weekend in the hundreds. Can't you tell?

Yesterday we headed up to the lake to swim and take the edge off of the heat. We had a lovely time. The day however, was full of oddities.

Patrick swam. It's not that he hates water.....ok, it kind of is, but yeah, he usually prefers not.

Look I even got proof.

Caliana swam, a lot. Like for hours. She takes after daddy and typically shuns the water. Cold water anyways. She loves baths and showers. But now, Cali and swimming have forged a friendship. They might even be BFF's. She was really upset when she had to leave her friend.

They gazed longingly at each other.

She was depressed, forlorn even

the lip may never recover

Emily did NOT swim. I repeat, did not swim. At all. This has not happened in the history of her lifetime. I was very confused. And then her and Patrick played scrabble. And he won. And then I was like "where am I?" and checking to see if the sky was still blue and asking random people who the president of the united states is and if sausage mcmuffins still exist.

Damien passed the swim test and got to go past the buoy line. Not that Damien isn't a decent swimmer. He is. But that swim test is difficult to pass. You have to swim a certain distance under the careful scrutiny of the lifeguard. Overhand swimming only, and you can't stop, or pause, or struggle in the least. I remember being terribly nervous about it in my teens. So while it was a surprise that he passed, it was a good surprise. And he got to feel really big and competent as he zipped back and forth across that line all day, while many other children, older children even, were being ordered back to the shallow side.

When the end of the day finally arrived, Patrick and Damien headed to the car first. The girls and I followed more slowly behind. We were about halfway there, when Emily, who was carrying the diaper bag and the ever present pink potty, stopped suddenly.

"My stomach feels weird all of a sudden"

Because I'm a terribly sypathetic parent, who was carrying a purse, a bag of food, a container of lemonade and toting a forlorn toddler, I said

"Oh, that sucks, we're almost there, come on"

3 steps later, vomit, on the sidewalk, and then on the side of the sidewalk, and then eventually in the garbage can that was 5 feet away.

I'm a really considerate citizen, and there were about a hundred people looking at me, so I washed it off of the sidewalk with the rest of the lemonade and then with 3 more containers of water.

We eventually caught up with the boys, who are just sitting and waiting for us so they can get the car keys, except I don't have the keys, and he doesn't have the keys, and they're not in the car, or in the giant tub of sand toys, or in the diaper bag, and are you sure they're not in the bag of food, and I say

"Darling, I'm moderately confident that they are not in the food bag" (yes we talk to each other in such a sophisticated manner. It comes from all the scrabble.)

We eventually gave up, and used the spare key. We just wanted to be home already. Patrick found them later, in the food bag. All's well that ends well, right?


In an unrelated little blurb, I noticed this weekend just how big my littlest is getting.

This picture was taken at 15 months

And this one in almost the same spot yesterday

Just look will you, with the long legged sophistication. It's the worst kind of pleasure, seeing your children grow.

"Don't worry mommy, I'm still your baby"

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hey are u missing in action? no blog, no dance class, hope all is well with u.